I was born in Washington D.C., reared and cultivated in Tacoma, Washington, and currently reside in Seattle.

I grew up in a black baptist church with a black baptist southern bred congregation. It is in the belly of this culture and people that I was developed and groom. It is here where I learned how to identify with things bigger than myself…how to put myself in a larger context – to give and sacrifice…I learned soul.

Of course, all these things didn’t come through positivity…I’ve never been hurt worst than I’ve been hurt in the church house…and also, I would have never learned my greatest lessons without it.

So on to the music….yes, as with many other artist, the church house has definitely influenced the way I make music. But uh, I am a self described blaspheme. I’m not trying to fit in anyone’s box…and if you give my music a listen…you’ll quickly realize I can’t be pinned down…so my musical style is…MILITANT CHILD!

I make music b/c its the most powerful language I know. And I’m concerned with language b/c i want to connect with as many people as possible. I live for the stage. Performance is where real -true -deep connection occurs…and if one is a skilled Mistress/Master of Ceremonies (MC)…they create an atmosphere where people feel connected to everyone else in the room…they orchestrate an environment where ppl forget all the baggage they came with and move into a place of magic. And oh is it MAGIC! Its beautiful…i love the stage. I love performing. I love being a part of something bigger than myself. If I do my job right, that’s exactly what happens.

A random personal tid-bit. My grandmother is my best friend and # 1 roll dog! My favorite past times will always be doing puzzles, playing dominoes, and crocheting….and I will always have a weird nostalgia for Walker Texas Ranger! Love u grandma!