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On August 18th (my b-day) I will be launching a new series called “Quest.ions” with Mili! The purpose of this exchange is to have YOU actually interact with the quest.ions I ask by making a video sharing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas!

The etymology (history / origin of the words – what they truly mean) of the word question is broken down into two parts – quest + ions. Quest means a long or arduous (hard) journey; to search for something. Ion in this context denotes action; to go. It is an important practice for us to ask quest.ions in a way that actually takes us on a journey, of new discovery and innerstanding.

I am excited to embark on the journey – with whoever might join me. Remember, when you post your video include #quest.ions and tag me in it! I will be engaging in this endeavor on instagram, facebook, and youtube so check it out on any one of those platforms. My name is Militant Child on all platforms except youtube – On Youtube I am Militant Tha Christ.

Check out the Intro video below!